Tuesday, May 1, 2012

20 weeks

I'm halfway done
 which means in four months (more or less) there will be a
 little baby girl Hudson just hanging out.
How awesome is that?!

20 weeks

This past weekend I took a couple of extra days to spend it with my family
Here's some of the stuff we did...

We Naomi baked Alfajores which are like whoopie cakes only better because they have caramel in the middle and coconut shavings around it
 I almost ruined dyed my baby sisters hair red to half-way red to finally a deep auburn there might have been some crying/laughing-running to Walmart in the middle of the night in the process

I know her hair is picture perfect...
we went to the beach/pool

 went to my baby brothers soccer game, hes representin'

ATE a ridiculous amount of Bar-B-Q and polenta (like cheese grits but way better)
 I got to see Lauren and Lindsey and their adorable boys Nikos and Dylan and got some serious questions answered like how do you tan the back of your legs when you have a belly which had the most amazing answer-
make a hole in the sand the size of your belly so it'll be nice and cold

We also browsed for some girl names but nothing seems to fit better than Celeste...
oh yeah as of right now her name is Celeste Hudson it has a ring to it doesn't it?
Finding baby names are hard especially when you have to be able to say it in English and Spanish without having it sound weird. We are still not set on it, we are waiting on some feedback from overseas from my dad, aunt and cousins.

I had a lot of fun and now I'm getting ready for a crazy month of moving and packing and trips and getting fatter annnnnnnnd hopefully finally buying some baby stuff.
Yeah we haven't bought anything

Gasp you say?
 I say we have time :)

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