Thursday, May 24, 2012

23 weeks

It finally happened, we the country.
dun dun dunnnn
Yep we now live in Hosford well more like on 20 in between Hosford and Tally.
Theres so much nature is ridiculous but Dixie and T love it! me? eh I'm getting use to it.
Since the drive to work has increase by 15 minutes we now ride together which I thought was going to be horrible for T because of my morning-hatred at anything that breathes but it turned out to be the best part of my day that Tommy he knows how to keep me smiling that's for sure.
Moving has been pretty intense we didn't realize how much crap we had until we started packing and then how much stuff we didn't have for the new place since its bigger that our two bedroom duplex, I'll put pictures and talk about that later when the place is actually decent.

Now days my belly is looking the same, I feel like it gets big all the sudden and then nothing happens for a few weeks which I'm completely fine with.

My first Mother's Day was great
I slept in til noon-ish because I stayed up until 4am thanks to Baby Celeste moving so much to the point I couldn't get comfortable, yeah she moves now it's a pretty surreal and amazing feeling. Tommy made me breakfast and got me flowers which he kept hidden in the closet for two days because it was on a Sunday and got me a card which had an actual handwritten message needless to say I was one happy fatty.

Aw my first baby child, I love her

Dixie hanging out in Celeste room
We can all agree that pregnancy has treated me good more
 like great but last week we had a bit of a scare.
Tuesday morning I was at work you know "chilling" and then all the sudden I felt what can only be describe as pressure and back pain all at once, it didn't really hurt but it definitely did not feel normal but I told myself "girl its probably just a cramp"  so I kept on working then BAM it happened again by this point I was in the car heading home for the rest of the day I called Tommy and told him was I was feeling he told me to call the doctor I told him I felt stupid calling when it was probably me just being a baby but he insisted so I did.

The conversation with the nurse went on something like this...
Me: "Hey its probably nothing and I feel really stupid just even calling but I'm feeling pressure and back pain, its not painful more like uncomfortable I just wanted to make sure its normal"
She asked me a couple of questions and then said
Nurse: "Ma'am how often are the contractions"
Me: "No I didn't mean contractions I mean pressure and lower back pain"
Nurse: This time she sounded firm
 "Jessica honey you are having contractions you need to time them for me ok?"
Me: Thinking contractions?
"Well I think every fifteen minutes is that possible?"
The nurse went on to tell me that sometimes babies come early and that I needed to lay down time the contractions and if I had four in an hour I need it to go to the Hospital.
I don't really remember what I said to her, but she did reassure me it wasn't a cramp and that she was glad I called. By this time I was home and Tommy was on his way.
I laid down and waited for Tommy to get home while thinking well at least I have a onesie (the only baby thing I bought so far) and I kept asking Dixie "We are ok right?" and she was
oddly as calm as ever not jumping or licking she just laid next to me with her little paw on my bellly. When Tommy got home I told him what the nurse had said he was so calm and comforting about it, he laid down next to me waiting for nothing to happen then another contraction I told Tommy it was the third one in an hour that we might have to go to the hospital if I had another one, he said a prayed and we waited some more.
And just like that they stopped.

Now I know what you are thinking stop being dramatic is not that bad but when someone tells you- you might have to give birth to a 22 week old baby that right there is just terrifying.
But thankfully nothing has happened since then :)

Here are two things that are sure to make me smile

1. That's how much I payed for gas this week thanks to my friend Tab,
She has some serious talent with coupons and reward points.

2. This here is the BEST sour candy in the history of sour candy.
Better than sour patch, thats right I said it
I might have a bag of fifteen boxes in my car.

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