Monday, June 11, 2012

In 3 weeks

We did a lot
 i'll sum it up to the "good" stuff
I went to PCB to visit my family for a week 
Went shopping in Destin with my two of my awesome friends in which we saved a bird that came into the restaurant, ate gummy bears dipped in chocolate and one of us might have gotten stuck in a dress in the GW dressing room
I went to my baby brothers graduation where I cried when I saw a little girl named Celeste sing
Got a Pack and Play, onesies, little beanies and socks (I feel super accomplished)
Decided on babys nursery "theme"
Drove to Bristol
Went to Tommys Grandfathers funeral
Drove 5 hours to GA
Watched T and SIL cleaned for renovations at my mother in laws
Used my awesome Spanish speaking skills to guide the extra helpers
Had the best ice cream
Went out for my birthday dinner with my In-Laws
Got furniture for our living room - Thanks Dawyn! :)
Ate a serious amount of raspberries
Turned 23
Went to Carrabas
Got a purse and a wallet in the mail from T
Got my first heart shape anything jewelry "piece"
Went out to lunch with co workers
Forgot that I invited the missionaries over, had no table so I got them pizza and cookies instead
Had my family over to see our new place
Got a table- Thanks to my parents :) 
Ate some good American ribs and an amazing Argentine barbq
Ate alfajores, strawberry shortcakes and drank lots of mate
Watched Argentina vs Brazil with T and the fam, cheered to the point I had a sultry raspy voice
 We won of course
Saw Dixie played so much we had to helped her jump on the bed
Had an awesome weekend with my family
Got things ready to go back to the normal life

Baby Celeste Update-
This belly of mine just keeps on growing
here it is in all its round-ness
Ts best baby comment "I can not wait to see what she looks like, shes going to be so pretty"
Ts worst comment to his baby mama "Babe you just ate like 10 minutes ago"

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