Thursday, June 21, 2012

3rd trimester? I'll drink to that

A coke that is :)

It's official I'm 27 weeks (and two days) 

Why you ask? because even though I'm cow size- its true I know
I only have about 10 weeks to be full term or about two months as I like to say 
and its AWESOME because people am I not only ready to have baby Celeste here with us to love her and whatnot but I can not wait to walk and not feel like freaking godzilla only sweatier.

This past weekend we had people over for a fish fry

Baby child, shes the cutest
It was tons of fun
I watched my nephews play with Dixie 
Saw Dixie tackle one of the boys (shes really competitive)
Helped my niece cooled her ant-bitten foot

A WHOLE lot of personality in this picture :)

Failed at learning about baseball from my nephews
which in my opinion might be the most boring sport ever
Talked to my SILs who are full of baby information
Ate a lot of food
And witness one of the cutest things
baby cousin hugging/sleeping on my belly aka baby Celeste

Yep, pretty stinking cute
On a less cute note you should know that I turn into the hulk at night at least my hands and feet do so I can no longer wear my wedding rings...
Good bye size five fingers
Yeah sad story, oh well.

Baby Celeste Update-
Her room theme, theme that sounds so fancy and put together-which I'm not
anyways her theme will be around this

Nursery Wall Decals Large Cherry Blossom Tree Stickers with Custom Name Decal - 900
Different colors of course and birds and stuff. (see? super put together)
Her crib set but in white
And thats all I have so far.

Going for a walk
Ts best baby comment "We will have to get her two jerseys for the world cup, she needs to represent"
Might I add that the world cup is not until 2014
Ts worst  funniest baby comment while painting my toenails which had to be one of the funniest things I seen T do, so please if you happen to see my toes in the near future don't judge my side to side painted toes but in the midst of dropping the remover all over his lap and dropping some nail polish on the couch I heard this "Dixie do not touch mommys big feet!"
I like to think he meant soft and delicate

I know this is not baby related but look how cute she is!

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