Thursday, June 28, 2012

A walk in the park

Today I'm 28 weeks and two days
Mathematically 7 months which sounds pretty crazy but when you look at the "big picture" the one where I have to be pregnant for ten months (40 weeks) is not that much.

Anyways life lately has been really good since I have develop a super-power its called
I-can-fall-asleep-on-cue-anywhere-anytime it is amazing. This super-power comes with great responsability embarrassability (its a word) like a co-worker knocking on my car window to make sure I wasn't dead and I quote "I saw your mouth open, it just didn't seem like you were sleeping" yeeeah dude I sleep sitting up with sunglasses on my face with my mouth open, this is what pregnancy looks like on me. Attractive no?

This past week we had our 2 year anniversary, two years, dos aƱos!
I don't mean to sound too cliche but I can not believe I was so blessed
to have married THE guy for me. Tis awesome and I look forward to
what parenthood has in store for us.
But we didn't do much other than dinner thanks to Debbie the storm that decided to rain down on all my energy.

With me being scare at the fast pace my belly is growing we have made it a family must to walk after work everyday for at least an hour which has been quite successful :)

Of course baby child has been LOVING IT.
She knows exactly what do when we get home she runs out, sits by the car and waits for the door to be open. Me? I do ok, I listen to my Pandora which has made me bust out in moves from time to time and when I say moves I mean me waving me arms like a spazz.
T jogs/pity walks with me and he is one of those people that once he has a routine he likes to keep that way so now that it's a routine theres no getting out of it and that is a quirk that I actually lack :)
The month of July is going to be pretty busy for us we have two first birthday parties to go to and PCB and setting up the nursery .
But the most awesome thing of all is that VACATION is at the end of the month and I am soooo looking forward to it. SO  MUCH. Dollywood, Dixie Stampede, sitting by the pool, doing absolutely nothing -it will be AMAZING.


The best picture of month

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