Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Goals and things

I usually don't make goals and if I do I'm not super strict on myself to follow them but then I had a baby and gained double the recommended weight it was like I ate one of those forever 21 models haha.
And granted I lost a good amount of it I'm still 15ish pounds from where I want to be, I'm not talking pre-baby weight I'm talking pre-Tommy married weight can it be done? I'm determined to do it!
Thats why my New Years resolutions are-

1. No sugar or simple carbs for a month. I KNOW! I'm going to basically become a rabbit because anything green is all I can eat.

2. I'm doing a morning mini work-out

3. Encouraging Tommy to lose weight as well.

4. Try and cook more at home.

5. Drink as much water as I can.

Those are the superficial goals now onto the more important ones...

1. Read the scriptures whenever I have the chance.

2. Pray even when I feel like theres no time.

3. FHE even if it means me and Tommy discussing a talk over the phone (which most likely be the case because session is about to start).

4. Don't let the small things bother me. This also means keep my Latin loudness in check.

5. Be more patient with everyone around me.

Even though this is an odd number year is going to be a good one for many reasons like Celeste will turn One, Tommy school will be sorta (not really) halfway done, maybe we will start talking about where to settle for reals and yes I'm thinking ahead but it means that I'm a year closer for the chance to see my older brother again.

2013 odd numbered and all will be GREAT :)

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  1. Great Goals!! Just take it one step at a time and you'll achieve them all. =)