Thursday, January 3, 2013

A little bit of Navidad & New Years

This is a long post so maybe just look at the pictures?


I am. Don't get me wrong I love the being with family being off of work and getting presents and all but its torture getting back into the routine basically it sucks bad.

Navidad came and we went to my moms from there we went to a Latin Christmas party because us Latins like to wait until midnight and open presents then, now we don't do that anymore because we live here DUH.
BUT we decided to do a white elephant present you know the whole you bring something cheap and funny? Well all was well Celeste was partying it up...

Tommy was getting kissed by random girls HAHAHA thats no joke we kiss on the cheek "even" if we are just meeting the person for the first time and somehow Tommy got stuck opening the door and was kissed
at least 20 times by random girls, it was hilarious I was very entertained watching his Gringo self getting red and saying Hola. We danced some, ate lots and then it was midnight! We did the countdown, had a toast and kissed again which confuse more than one of my posse
Lauren- "Are we leaving? is it over?"
Us-"No, why?"
Lauren-"Then why are we kissing again?"
Us-"Because its Christmas and we are celebrating you know"
Lauren-"Dude I'm going to the bathroom"
Thats one of the many reasons of why shes my best friend.
Then it was time to open the white elephant present so we all got a number Tommy had number 31 and there were 32 presents EVERYONE went and finally it was his turn and there were two presents left one that we brought and a random one so I told him to get the little one because it would be no fun to open ours now picture this-a room full of loud Latin people screaming "WHOS TURN IS IT!?!!" in both languages "His" I screamed, everyone got quiet well as quiet as we can be and watched Tommy grabbed the little present as soon as he picked it up he smiled at me and thats when I saw Tommy holding panties!...It was the highlight of my night everyone busted out laughing and Tommy was like "I knew it as soon as I grabbed it" somewhere in someones facebook theres a picture of that I was too busy laughing to get it on camera.
The next morning we did the family thing it was sweet seeing my baby brother open gifts, Celestes wasnt that much fun haha but she got all kinds of stuff too much stuff, my other baby did too.

For New Years we stayed home FOR ONCE and we had planned on going Downtown to watch the ball drop but somehow Tommys friend and his girlfriend ended up at our house and it turned out to be a lot of fun we played Dominos (I know haha) and Taboo which I RULE at but my partner sucked and he might have said "Babe you are such a foreigner!" a few times haha. Celeste was awesome as always she hung out for a bit drank her bottle and went to sleep until midnight.

Check out Ceces face

And sooo much more happened but I dont want to drag this forever so all and all we had a blast.

2012 pretty much kicked butt because we got baby face out of it. So 2013? Lets see what you got!


  1. Looks like your holidays have been a blast! Happy New Year!!

  2. I'm sad the holidays are over! The begining of the year is the worst time at work!! hope you enjoyed yourself before session starts!

  3. I know what you mean about getting back into the old routine. It's way hard. But it's still nice having time at the end of the year with family. What a funny white elephant story. That's probably the best I've ever heard! Tommy's such a trooper!

  4. Hahaha! Love the part about your husband being the door greeter :). And your little girl is SO adorable, oh my goodness!