Monday, December 17, 2012

Bendiciones cuenta y veras

Count your blessings;

Name them one by one.

Count your blessings;

See what God hath done.

The tragedy that happened this past Friday in Connecticut is heartbreaking every time I think about it all I want to do is grab Celeste and never let her go.
It has made me think of how blessed I am to see her and Tommy everyday, I am grateful for them and for knowing that I will be with them now and forever.

This Saturday we had our own little eye-opener.

Friday afternoon after I left work I went home thinking I was going to go get Celeste and head to PCB to see my mom to cheer her up since she was not feeling well but when we (me and baby face) got home and I started packing our stuff I stopped called Tommy and said "Hey I'm not going to go I just I don't know I should stay" Tommy-"Thats so weird I was grabbing my phone to call you and ask you to stay too" we laughed and hung up the phone.
Saturday I woke up at 4AM because my sweet dear duck-hunting husband couldnt find his truck keys he tried to wake me in the sweetest voice so I wouldnt get mad but come on it was 4am on a Saturday! after we -T, Austin, Dixie and me-looked for maybe 20 minutes I asked him half asleep "are you sure they are not in the truck?" without saying a word he went outside came back in and said with half a smirk "It was in my toolbox, did you put them there?" he kissed me and yelled I love you and I'm sorry on the way out, I did not express myself because Austin was there and it was way too early to be angry so I went back to bed.
Me and Celeste woke up around 11ish got ready and headed to the mall to meet up with Kristen and Liam to see Santa.

about 3 months ago they were in our bellies and now they are little people doing little baby things...SO WEIRD

We were there for about 15 minutes and a weird number show up on my phone, it called twice but didn't leave a voicemail so I went on about my doings then as I was texting Tommy to see on his whereabouts Kristens cellphone rang her face change and she mouthed Tommys name gave me the phone and I heard Tommys voice "Babe I got into an accident can you come pick me up?" he didnt sound worry or anything so I said Ok and hung up the phone as I was walking out of the mall I'm thinking well greeeat the truck probably looks crappy and our insurance is going to go up I know horrible but to this point I was thinking it was a fender bender because thats how he made it sound so I drove home and started calling Tommy it was going straight to voicemail then my phone rang it was another weird number with having learned my lesson I answered it was a police officer asking me if I was Tommys wife I froze and thought why isnt Tommy calling me the officer asked me how far I was and I couldn't answer I couldn't think "ma'am are you there?" "Wheres Tommy why isnt he answering  his phone?" after a few seconds he said "Ma'am hes fine the signal out here is patchy but hes fine" I sighed with relief and told him I was almost to 267 about ten minutes away hung up the phone and realize this was way more serious than what Tommy told me.

Way more serious.

I drove up to this

My heart sank.

I park and sat there watching T walk to the car "BABE"  he knocked on my window I got out and we hugged I asked him what happened and as he was telling me he said something that made me want to cry "As I was bouncing around in there (he wasn't wearing his seat belt) I thought 'this is it I'm never going to Jessica and Celeste again' I thought I was going to die" we hugged again and he went to kiss Celeste who was wide awake smiling as he did that I went to hug my other baby Dixie she was thankfully inside the truck usually she rides in the bed of the truck but since she had been duck hunting and was tired and wet Tommy let her ride inside with him and I'm soo glad he did shes a dog but we love her very much.

No one was hurt, everyone in the other car was fine and their car didn't look nearly as bad as Tommys he hit the back of the other car and busted the window but again no one was hurt and we couldn't be more grateful.
Tommy said as soon as the truck stopped moving he ran out and to checked on the other car "they looked surprise to see me" he said, well maybe because your head was bleeding and they saw your truck bend in half  he had a cut on his forehead from Dixie bouncing in the truck with him and some bruises but that was it.

How blessed are we to be able to look at this and say no one was hurt.

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  1. just found your cute blog. scary story though. holy heck! i'm glad everyone was ok. hope to get to know ya better.