Friday, December 14, 2012

All smiles

You know those quick moments, comments or maybe thoughts that make you smile?
Well I'm going to share some of my favorites from this week...

Waking up to this every morning

Knowing that soon I will see my older brother

Dixies worry/do-something look when Cece cries

Getting a "I thought you were snobby but you are not!" haha

A compliment on my hair after not washing it for two days (hey I have a baby)

Walking into a serious work meeting and hearing "3-6 MAFIA!" coming from my pocket, yeah my "workout" playlist started playing as I walking in...SO EMBARRASSING and funny...both the situation and the fact that I listen to super gansgta music while I work out haha

Tommy telling me I'm the best mom ever

Talking to Lauren and Jessica :)

Lunch with a friend who I haven't seen in forever

Putting on work pants and not fighting the zipper

Getting a totally random gift from a sweet co-worker

Working out for the second time and not feeling like I'm dying

Getting another package from my dad

Having a younger sister who gets my old weird self

Celestes outfit after spending time with dad and I quote "My baby is stylish"


  1. that little lady is just too cute!
    your week is impressive. makes mine seem boring and uneventful!

  2. Those are great things to make someone smile! I like the serious work meeting one. =)

  3. Ha thanks!
    I have a feeling the 3-6 Mafia incident its going to be remember around these parts

    1. very first pic she looks like her aunt naomi... alot. shes wide eyed and pretty, aw just look at her.

    2. this is the 3 6 3 6 mafiaah btw. :)

  4. Stopping by from the linkup.

    Your little girl is such a cutie, and I agree that unexpected gifts are the best!