Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our First Christmas Tree

This past Saturday after a much needed me time of shopping around by myself we went shopping for our first Christmas tree, a real one at that as we were driving there I told Tommy I think we should get a fake one his response "Babe you will love it" with a yeah right face I got out of the car and smelled what can only be describe as Christmas and somehow right there and there I feel in love with a real Christmas tree.
Picking one out turned out to be way more fun than I thought Celeste had no idea where we were at but she was loving the oohs and aawwws from people. Also the way she looks and smiles at Tommy makes me smile just thinking about it.

After looking around I told Tommy I definitely wanted a chunky one those skinny trees look sad then in between all the green I saw it, it was looking at me like "Sup lady I'm your tree"

We quickly decided it was going home with us on top of our little Honda haha.

How cute is her double chin, oh the chunky ness!
And since it was mine and Celestes first time picking out a real tree I decided to record our special moment the only problem? Tommy was left to take pictures and this man of mine has this thing were he just clicks and clicks and does not care if  you have things hanging from your nose or your eyes were closed halfway he will just keep clicking and telling you how great you look until someone tells him to stop after going through maybe 15 pictures I was left with these 3 these are the "good ones" please look at Celestes face.

After that we went and bought things to put on the tree and after "discussing" with T about colored or white lights I gave up and ended up with gold garlands, colored lights and a squirrel ornament yep you read that right a squirrel ornament see for yourself...

Gah I know! believe me I know but in marriage you win some you lose some
It Dixies and we love her but that doesnt stop me from thinking thats probably the tackiest ornament in history and of course its on my tree, because we are that family haha

Baby face just chilling while the tree was being bedazzled
Surprisingly after we put it together I was quite happy with our uneven (had to ignore my ocd) and cheesy tree decorations.

Best thing of all it smells amazing.


  1. so pretty! real trees smell amazing. so we do the fake tree with real tree scent sticks inside. i'm scared of bugs leaving the tree and flocking my house.
    i love celeste sucking her thumb!

  2. How fun!! That is a great tree too. I can't believe how big Celeste is!! Gosh time flies. You look fabulous too!

  3. Ah! Your tree is awesome!!

    And...I'm super tacky, but I like squirrel ornament! haha I think ornaments should have a story behind them :)

    Also, that picture of Celeste sucking her tiny little thumb is sooooo cute!