Thursday, November 29, 2012

Off to work I go...

After 3 months of maternity leave I'm back at work, I put people clothes on (thats what I call clothes that are not pajamas or work out clothes) and make up and everything my earrings even match my shirt MATCH oooh aaah fancy, fancy indeed.
Wheres Cece you ask? well baby child is at daycare I would put a picture up but I couldnt bring myself to drop her off so I asked T to do it for me but hey that didnt stop me from crying which lets face it was to be expected. Once I got to work I emailed a friend to make me feel better and it did then I realize the last time I emailed said friend we were both looking like huge chunks of baby fatness and even though Im still carrying some of it-darn you breakfast food pregnancy craving! after hearing that it does get better I thought then why be miserable now? I'll just enjoy work and all the awesome "We missed yous" and "I'm so glad you are back" and "Dont ever leave again" so I am working on that because I know that even though I have to work now it wont be forever and even though I cant be with Cece right now it doesnt mean that I wont get to go home and see her.
But enough of the debbie downer stuff let me tell the quick story of baby face getting her earrings...
Last Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving Cece had her two month appointment so off to the doctor we went he told us all kinds of good stuff like she weights 11 lbs 12oz and shes tall for her age shes in the 97th percentile and that she seems to be a great baby because the whole she was being checked she smiled and talked to him

and then he told me that she would get four shots and by my horrify face expression he said "You dont have to be in the room if you dont want to see it" I thought nah im strong I made that baby I can totally do this and that was my thinking until two nurses sorta tackle my baby down while she was still smiling and stabbed her FOUR TIMES! non-stop, ok stabbing sounds dramatic but it might have made me shed a tear of two because that was the first time she cried I mean pain cried not a nice sound I kinda wanted to punch the nurses in the face for doing that but I know thats their job.

Anyways we left from there and went to the mall to meet up with T to go to Claires, I know what you are thinking you did shots and earrings on the same day?! oh the horror! but hey I asked the doctor and he said it be better if we do it the same day and be done so as I was saying we waited for T to meet us at the mall while drinking a bottle (Celeste not me ha) and seriously if you want to meet people go to the mall with a baby it was like everyone wanted me to tell me about their babies or suddenly the college girls wanted a baby or the men were like aw shes so small finally T got there went up to Claires fill up a bunch of forms and then the lady asked me to "dot the ear" to where the earring was going to go and that took a while Tommy was getting annoyed but it was important that dot will be there for life dude LIFE by the time I was done doing the "dot" there was a line of young girls waiting to get theirs done so then T was told to bear hug her and to hold her head and she brought out the gun looking thing and as she was baby talking she got her earrings done after the first one was done I had to turn around she cried for literally a couple of minutes and then she was fine looking all fancy with her new earrings and now we dont ever have to worry about it again, its done.

Thanksgiving was fun we had breakfast with Tommys family and Dinner/Birthday-celebration for my mom. I have so much to be thankful and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by people who make me a better person and mom by example or with advice. Christmas time always makes me realize how amazing the gospel is and how grateful I am that my great Grandma welcomed the gospel in her life.

And December is here bringing us Christmas and a New Year :)

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