Monday, November 19, 2012

Two months and the regular

The 14th marked the two months of Celeste life and I gotta say for baby she travels quite often she has been to PCB twice and to Jacksonville and not to brag even though I am but shes super awesome I'm talking didnt-cry-once in these 3 different roadtrips NOT ONCE! because shes cool like that and she knows no one likes a screaming baby and yes I know this will change and she might become the most bratty annoying baby ever but to you I say LET ME DREAM! and think she will be this sweet forever and ever and that she wont eventually say "Mami can you leave me alone?" or "Stop dancing you are embarrassing me".

This is the last week of being home and we have big plans first finally getting her ears pierced OOOOH AAHHH exciting ...followed by Thanksgiving-Breakfast with Ts family followed by Thanksgiving dinner/Tutu bday party followed by black Friday shopping to get fat work pants for myself followed by a relaxing before-going-back-to-work weekend.

On other news the other child of mine the darker one has been going through some stuff some people called jealously I called it not-being-the-only-child-nomo' syndrome,
Her latest little episode...

Yep she ate the whole thing I think she felt bad afterwards and tried to clean it up because she also shredded two big ol rolls of paper towels.

And that my friends is life as of right now.

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