Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Bee and her posse

Halloween was a BLAST.
We did just about everything we went to a Halloween-Latin party, to the beach, to TWO trunk or treats by the way Hosfords was impressive I'm talking car-dressed as a spider good which also happens to be my worst nighmare. Cece was a bee so was I and Tommy? well he wore bee antennas still counts I think.

We also had Celestes blessing and I finally sewed something for that sweet child of mine...her blessing dress from scratch :) also for those new moms out there take pen and paper with you to write the blessing down, I wish I would have.

And such a special day deserve special people we had almost everyone over at our house for a barbq but not just any barbq, an Argentinian barbq.

Besides that things have been pretty smooth I been trying to watch what I eat and run as much as Celeste lets me, I'm no where near my goal aka "Happy weight" but its going. Cece is showing her personality more and more everyday her sleeping habits depends on her mood, we still have some nighttime feedings they usually look like this...

you could say Dixie is protective of her and sometimes the mornings look like this...

Yeah shes awesome like that.

P.S- Went to the fridge just now and I think I should start feeding Tommy more often.

Why use a knife when you have teeth? Men.
But even though the non-knife user does things like that he makes up for it by singing our song to Celeste almost every night, he kicks me out of the room because is their time together.

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