Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thats a tooth dude

Those were my exact words to Tommy about two weeks ago, no he said its just her gums he said.

Mom knows best :), not one but two teeth with in a week apart. She has been drooling but not super fussy her cries are kind of like "Hey mom something hurts, can you entertain me?" or is she chews on her toy wrong she cries like "That thing hurt me" and then put her fingers in her mouth.We been using the Orajel for babies and shes ok with it but likes her fingers or her blankets better or if you get too close your cheeks or chin haha

This little girl right here does all kinds of stuff like-

*Laughs with noise as in a giggle! did it twice still counts haha
*She likes to suck her thumb, not likes it LOVES IT and has since she was like 9ish weeks
*Grab things in front of her blankets, toys, hair and my favorite is when she tries to touch Tommys face I guess she thinks his beard is cool (shes the only one)
*Tries to grab her bottle and has held her bottle more than a few times, the first time she did it we were at Walmart shopping late at night and me and Tommy were literally jumping and blurting out things like "If she puts the bottle in her mouth Shes going to Harvard!" (Ts) "How awesome is she!? shes the most awesome baby ever!" (me haha)...oh to be young first time parents, its the little things my friends
*She is a huge morning person, no idea where she got that from but in the morning I get the most amazing smiles
*She has been sleeping from 8.30-9pm to at least 6am since she was two months in her crib with her singing pillow, her stars pillow and her humidifier
*Holds her head up like a champ even though she hates tummy time
*Sweats like a beast-for real I nor my family have ever seen a baby sweat like she does "Thats a Hudson for you" Ts response to my why is she sweating like that?
*She baby talks a lot and like I said before is pretty adorable
*She loves to be sang to even if I sing to her and anyone that knows me knows that hard to love
*She loves to look at Dixie jump around and doesnt get scared when she barks at the neighbors
*Around Christmas she started doing this...

Thats right she rolls over so now we put those meshy "crib bumper" things because shes all over the place. My favorite is when she forget to pull one of her arms out under her and she has this look like "where did it go!?" and screams and wiggles until its free it makes me laugh every time.

And shes not even four months yet.

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  1. teething and rolling?! she's growing up too fast!! how crazy!

    play date ASAP!