Monday, April 29, 2013

5/30: 5 Things that make you most happy right now

That describes itself, granted I have not worked the long hours I did last year thanks to babyface :) but I'm still looking forward to all my rightfully earned comp hours.

2. Babyface seriously she gets more adorable everyday, her personality is really starting to show and she cracks me up constantly I could look at her all day. And I have no doubt she will walk soon, very soon.

3. My bff T, hes just awesome. I love that guy of mine :)

4. My sewing machine, that gift just keeps on giving. Last night I was trying to get ready for today figuring out what to wear and I just wasn't feeling anything I had so I whipped up a skirt and I love it! it has the perfect fullness and springy feel.

5. The fact that May  is right around the corner and this month is filled with goodies like Mothers day and my bff Jessica comes into town which means the band is getting back together me, Lauren and Jessica will be reunited!


  1. shut up!!! you "just whipped up" that skirt?! it looks so chic!! like it could be from a high end store! you are so talented!!

  2. SERIOUSLY DITTO WHAT KRISTEN SAID!!! You're sewing skills blow my mind. Happy Last Week of Session!!!

  3. Dude how come you never made clothes like it was nothing when I lived there? I could have had my very own personal seamstress! ;) and YAY 28 more days!!!