Monday, June 10, 2013

The past month

For those of you who keep up with my blog (thanks), I'm sorry I feel like I abandoned it but it wasn't because I wanted to but because we been so ridiculously busy with road trips and moving and having teething baby.

Let me break it down for you, we have basically been out of town EVERY weekend but one since Mothers day...Yeah I don't want to seem dramatic but laundry should be illegal if it goes past 3 loads.

Tampa in few sentences-
* Hung out by the pool 97% of the time.
* Went garage sale shopping.
* Watched Ts scuba diving/spear fishing videos.
* Rode a horse with baby SIL.
* Giving Babyface fish and driving for 4 hrs afterwards=fish chunks all over the seat. We had to pull over and it might had been in a strip club parking lot.
* Drove our mini van on its first road trip and it was amazing, I would get one even if I didn't have Celeste.
* Had my first birthday "cake" of my 24th fiesta it was actually a key lime pie but they know its my favorite so it counts :)

PCB in a few sentences-
* Ate TONS of foods
* I had two cakes
* I went banana boat riding with my bffs aka Lauren and Jessica and laughed SO HARD I almost fell off of it. Jessica was screaming the whole time like she was going to die any second, it was hilarious-props to Josh Jesiscas husband who totally hanged out with us with no problem, I was impressed :)
*Went to a dueling piano bar and did the Time Warp dance, and when I say we I mean just Lauren, Jessica and myself. I missed those guys!
* Hung out with all my Latin peeps for my birthday party
* Talked to T on the phone for 2+ hours! like we did when we were started dating, it was very cute
* Went to my baby sisters ballet recital and felt so proud of her and her ballet skills
* Met up with Ts sisters in St Andrews and went to Pineapple Willy's for lunch which by the way never going there again too expensive and not enough food
* Did the "Sea Dragon" a boat shape ride that goes from side to side until it feels like you are going to fall off of it, saw my little sister genuinely freak out and it was awesome
* Went to Zumba and sauna with my mom with my hair soaked in eggs/coconut oil and some other goodies...why you asked? to make it shiny? which it did :)
* And then drove in a storm to get back home

It was a lot of fun but I'm ready to get back into our routine :)


  1. bahaha that last picture! love it!

  2. um I almost DID DIE!! Close call. I miss you already dude!! I'm glad you had a good birthday weekend!

  3. OOOO Your hair does look shiny in that last picture! Even though you have been busy and traveling I bet it was all worth it!