Friday, June 14, 2013

We are moving...


Yep, we are moving back into town.
Why? well many reasons but mainly because of the drive, its just too much. Now that doesn't take away the fact that we enjoyed the space and peace and quiet that came with it.
Where? well after looking at a ton of places I'm talking TONS I kept telling T that I wanted a pool, so we had to look at apartments which took some convincing from my part and after looking at a few places nothing seemed to be it but after some pretty intense weeks (man searching can be stressful!) I cant even imagine what its like to look for a house to buy (kudos to my friend Kristen for keeping her cool).
Anyways to make a long story short we are moving into Barrington Park a 2 bedroom/2 bath place and I LOVE IT! its perfect, the complex itself has a bunch of amenities but the most important of all is in 3rd ward and it has a pool! AND its WAY closer to work and school. So yay :)

We are moving on the 28th, but since we are downsizing we have to get rid of a bunch of stuff like an extra bed and the treadmill (which we wont need since the place has a gym) and a desk so that should be fun.

So I will keep you updated on that, I know my life is pretty thrilling haha.

Tonight we are going shopping aka family date and the plan is the whip up a skirt for tomorrow, we will see how that goes because I might just end up going home and laying/playing on the floor with the other Hudsons which reminds me of this...

But I don't mind one bit because you guys look at this cuteness!!!!
9 months today :)

Happy Weekend to YOU!

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