Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some stuff

OH man

I have done more in the last 3 days than I did all through Session haha that's a little sad but true :)

I mean I cleaned, I cooked, I packed and I painted our dining room table.

I have now packed the kitchen TWICE since I decided to cook, yep cook and to do this it tooked more than my usual necessities aka paper plate so I had to unpack everything and then re pack it...I felt a little dumb.

I cleaned and sold some things online like our extra bed and the treadmill, they sold in .2 seconds which is awesome.

I also painted our dining room table just the top with chalboard sparypaint (best.thing.ever) and it turned out perfect, I'm now debating on painting the rest white, did you know you could paint fabric? so I might do that after we move.

Last weekend after looking online forever I found my Summer "diaper bag" is actually just a purse but with baby stuff in it :) 

Then on the way home Ts phone died but he had his hunting walkie-talkies so he acted like a tour guide (since we drove two cars) as we left Tallahassee, it was pretty funny.

Anyways this weekend will be mostly painting and doing touch ups of the place and then leaving out only necessities for the rest of the week. Have I mentioned I hate moving? but I am sooo glad we are.

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