Monday, July 1, 2013

New place, same goals

We finally moved!
Can I just say how stinking glad I am to be back in town :)
Because I am, oh SO GLAD!

The moved itself was a breeze, my parents came over and my step-dad did it the Latin way and we were done in two trips. TWO trips.
The new place its amazing between the space and natural light its great, T is not a huge fan of the big windows he requested curtains already. Pictures to come soon.

We had a nice "getting back to it" weekend and enjoying the joy that is babyface and her little doings that little one gets into everything, I'm talking hand in my water, hand in my mashed potatoes, hand in Dixies nose.

All that playing really wears them down, I woke up to this after an afternoon nap :)

Anyways after eating my cheese grits this morning I realize I need to get back to working out, so as of tomorrow I'll re-start Insanity.Boo. Can you feel my enthusiasm?

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