Monday, August 19, 2013

8/30- 5 Passions and some other stuff

8/30-5 Passions

1. The Gospel. I gave the prayer in church this past Sunday in Spanish of course and I bawled through the whole prayer...I seriously don't see this ever getting better :(

2. Family.

3. Pictures/anything that has to do with capturing a moment.

4. Sewing.

5. Music and dancing.

The other stuff-

The Juice Detox was great for about 4 days then my baby sister came over to visit and it was over as quickly as it started. I did feel was less bloated, we will probably give it another try this week.

Planning Celestes 1st birthday pictures my plan is to not stress her out, shes kinda like T too many pictures and she starts pouting.

My baby sister was here for a week and it was awesome! she hung out and made us a cake :)

I got my ring back (finally) and its so fresh and so clean clean :)

Saturday we went to Tommys family reunion and for some odd reason I picture balloons and tons of games, well there no balloons or games but there was a ton of food which might be better haha.

Have I ever mentioned T is the only boy in a sea of girls but dont feel sorry for me because they are basically the bees knees :)
Also it makes me the only daughter in law and by default the best/favorite daugther in law which is a plus haha.

Sunday I was feeling like poop but I finally started a project that could start something big but first I had to make everyone go to sleep and by everyone I mean Celeste and Dixie and these days is a serious challenge those two are like two super energetic toddlers they get into everything.
Anyways they took a short nap and thankfully it was long enough for me to finish the top "mockup" part, I'm making E.

Hopefully this week I can get into a work out routine or something that doesnt make me feel like a blob walking around.

Happy Monday!

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