Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The doings

You guys life has been crazy busy around these parts, a little bit of everything really.

Celeste that girl has some serious skills she knows how to get on the bed, puts hats on, plays fetch with Dixie (sorta haha) and so many other entertaining things to us at least. But these new found skills come with a price like trying to jump of the changing table while peeing while I’m trying to change her diaper (true story) or taking everything of out purses, laundry basket, Dixies food bowl haha she has gotten into Dixie food bowl more times that I would like to admit.
Tommy has been doing the same ol’ working full time, going to school full time and dealing with my moody ness you know same ol.

Since we moved I have been trying to make our place more homey aka been going crazy with gold spray paint Tommy had to basically hide it from me because I was on a gold rampage. Anyways the whole trying to make the apartment more homey brings me to the following little story the other day I met up with April at Target I actually kind of lure her with the idea of walking around in Target hahaha and told her I had gotten myself into a bit of a situation, she laughed and looked at me like you would get into a situation haha so I told her I have been looking for a king mattress and I had found a really good deal but Tommy was at work and ummm I need it to get it in like two hours I said this while having a please-help-me-and-go-to-a-might-be-craiglist-killer-house and since shes awesome she totally agreed. We drove ourselves to the other side of town using old schools google maps and found the place, we laughed at ourselves as I knocked on the door at the fact that we actually found the place and two that we were going to do this by ourselves with no rope or any “man-power” we walked over to the bedroom and looked at the bed, Aprils face was priceless she looked like ummm how in the heck are we going to do this? But with a smile on her face she grabbed the boxspring and walked behind me (awesome friendship award or what?!) after stuffing the boxsprings in the minivan and throwing the mattress on top of it we went on to tie it to the rack of the car thankfully the guy had some stringy rope otherwise I have no idea what I would have done but we tied it up with girly knots because neither one of us knew how to tie it “Boy scouts” style haha. We drove basically half way down the street to realize the mattress was about to fly off so we stopped and re tied it and drove 40mph home NOT before stopping to Walmart to pick dinner things haha we are basically a power couple, we got so much confidence from doing this that doing the Amazing Race comment might had come up.
Keeping it classy

This card makes me laugh every time I see around Pinterest, BUT FOR REALS! why must good food make you chunky!
Not only chunky but I feel bloated and tired and gross when I eat crappy food usually right afterwards well not right after maybe more like the morning after which made me go crazy yesterday while grocery shopping and buy all things needed to have a detox juice week.

And Ts reaction was something like this...

So thats the happenings around here, if I actually stick to doing this for a week which thats the plan I'll post the verdict next week.


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  1. "But these new found skills come with a price like trying to jump of the changing table while peeing while I’m trying to change her diaper (true story)"

    Hahaha! Love it.