Monday, July 22, 2013


And I thought it was 9ish don't you love when that happens?
So is noon this means I should be eating something for lunch so I'm stuffing my face with snickers.

Last weekend was Nikos birthday, Nikos (awesome name I know) is my bff son he just turned 4 and for his birthday party we went on a "Seafari" which is basically a ride around the bay to look for dolphins which we saw. My baby brother had never been on a boat and he was terrified his words to me when he knew we were going on it were "Sheshi are we all going to die?" I laughed and told him everything was fine, he was seriously scared poor guy but two seconds after being on the boat he was fine :)

Birthday boy

I bet you can tell who my brother is just look for the I'm doomed and mad about little guy on the left hahahahaha.

Close enough to Naomi?

It was tons of fun but also kind of crazy that Nikos is already four years old I honestly feel like he was born last year.
But I guess that's how fast time goes by huh? Hes such a smart little guy too! I mean he read my sister cup and was like "Whos that?" hahahha yep he reads.

Nikos will always be extra special to me, he is like my first little nephew :)

The other day T and I we were hanging out watching Celeste play with Dixie and talking about her 1 year old birthday and he looks at me and says "You  know how this year flew by? we only have 17 more of those with Celeste" he said it with sadness it was pretty adorable then I laughed and made about his plans on kicking her out after shes 18.

Whenever we go to PCB we stay at my Moms house also known as Tutu and my stepdad is Tata (haha) and since Celeste is their first grandchild what she wants she gets so whenever we go there they always bbq for her because she likes to eat bbq and they always take her to the pool/beach because that baby loves the water and they always always take pictures because my mom is Latin and she likes facebook haha I mean that is how we mainly communicate with family in Argentina so it is a good excuse for pictures.

Saturday I was hanging out in my sisters room after going to the pool and I kept looking at her closet which didn't look crazy messy but her hangers didn't match thats one thing I'm weird about my closet can be a hot mess but my hangers have to match, anyways I got the cleaning bug and decided to organize her closet so I went on the hunt for white hangers around the house two seconds after telling my mom what I was doing she comes out with my wedding dress "Try it on! Come on it will be an incentive to lose the weight" one thing you need to know about my mom is that she tells you what she thinks and doesn't sugar coated it, the thought of putting on the dress and not fitting into it was scary but I thought it would be a good laugh so I tried it on this time with no stress and with Celeste pulling on the tulle as my mom zipped me up she giggle "No its not going to close Jessica" and then my baby sister came to my rescue told me to basically stop breathing and bam the dress zipped up.

Thats what I look like holding my breath

After that my week was basically made :)

Happy Monday to you!


  1. are you kidding me?! you skinny little ho! make me get skinny too!
    i love celeste's bathing suit so much!

  2. Your little brother looks so mad! HAHA what a funny little guy! Capt. Nikos is sooo cute and it is crazy to believe he is already 4. Time goes by so fast. Love the pic of him and your dog. And your little girl is so so so precious!

  3. Those beach pictures of Celeste are too cute! What a fun birthday and family visit. Also, lookin' good in that wedding dress =)