Thursday, July 18, 2013


Some things that have happened since Friday-

* Saturday we planned to go to dinner and a movie but we ended up in the parking of a restaurant covered in puke and at home eating fruit. Boo.

* Sunday we attended the Liahona ward aka Spanish ward, that's right we are going to the Spanish ward this includes T and headphones hahahaha. HEY! dont feel bad for him he has to learn Spanish and what better way than listening to church related things in Spanish also he said and I quote "I love the ward, everyone is so nice!" uh yeah T we Latins are known for our friendliness :) (most of the time)

* As we were leaving church I mentioned to T how much I wanted to eat cake I think I said something like "Babe could you make me a cake?" we had no cake making things at home so I knew it was a not happening, but as I stare out the window at my cakeless future T got on the phone and two minutes later I had a (almost) full Publix cake on my lap. He called my bil and got us leftover bday cake, is he awesome or what?!

* I'm in the room watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S with Celeste and Dixie (duh) and I hear a woosh a couple of footsteps and T comes in the room closes the door and he looked at me and said "Babe your phone just exploded and caught on fire" so naturally I laughed because of course it did, is it bad that things like this do not surprise me anymore? I helped him opened all the windows as I laughed at the things that happen to him.

* Some good stuff happened to one of my BFF. Also isnt awesome when you can call your friend like it aint no-thing? Love your face Jessica!

* Went to Zumba AND a class called Turbo Kick (on the same day, 15 lbs to go!) it was basically a choreography/taebo class, I looked like a raggedy ann doll trying to workout.

I'll leave you with some random pictures

I think I will keep her room pretty plain keeping her colors but not overdoing

Constantly playing


  1. I love your face!! buuut I love your baby's face more, no offense ;) Also how the heck did your phone BLOW UP and CATCH FIRE!!!???

    1. Well he says he was trying to get the SD card out and it got stuck so he was doing it with some pliers and thats when it exploded and then catch on fire, he grabbed it (from a corner)and threw it in the toilet. I google it and I guess it "pretty" kind common at least I wasnt using it when it happen.