Friday, July 12, 2013

Cuatro de Julio and stuff

The Fourth of July- We left Wednesday night drove down to Tampa to drop off Dixie at Ts dads house, we slept and woke up and drove to Orlando to meet up with Ts moms side of the family this was a special family gathering since my sil Keri and our 3 nieces live outside of the country would be there, all I heard on the way down was "I can't wait to see Keri and the girls"T is a big softy when it comes to any of his sisters, I find it super cute :) So we get to the Condo and they are all hanging out at the pool, where there were free snowcones and one niece and one nephew were in a pie eating contest, it was hilarious. We had a blast after that we had FHE and every niece and nephew did a talent talk about adorable! the girls sang and the boys rapped? haha it was super entertaining, Celeste ummm walked? thats the only trick she can do right now :)

She would hear a song run to the crowd and get shy

This weekend we are actually not driving anywhere which is a huge deal for us, so Happy Weekend to You!

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