Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our Toddler

There is fruit loops on the kitchen floor, there is balls everywhere I mean everywhere the tub, the bathroom sink (no idea how they got there), the trash, the laundry room, in Dixies food- the lower half of the Christmas tree is empty and the ornaments are who knows where also said tree has been pushed over a few times, our couch arm rest is now a trampoline and because of it its sticky 89% of the time but we have never laughed or loved more in our lives. 

Celeste our “baby child” is now a toddler she is a aint-scare-of-anything toddler, she has jumped off her highchair, our bed (that thanks to T building skills is high), a shopping cart, almost down the stairs this child is non-stop unless she wants to be held and that’s usually to get into something she is so fun SO FUN I can tell about the time we were taking a nap and I was woken up by one of her kisses or the time I was looking intensely at the computer and she came over and did raspberries in my arms or when she hugs Dixie randomly but there is nothing I can tell you that would describe the way I feel when I watch her be her own little person.

She is an awesome that little one and I cannot imagine not being her mom.

Playing in Nursery

Snapchat from T

waiting in the parking lot
Also my other brown child is hilarious look at this face

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  1. How fun... scary but fun! She is too cute and I love her little hair cut.