Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A thought and some stuff

Last week I decided to take some time I had left off and go visit my family in PCB as always I came back with some extra weight dang empanadas, they will get you!

Yesterday was my first day at my new job and I LOVE it, the people are super nice and the job is perfect for me. It’s really different from working in the House starting by the fact that there is only 5 people in the office is also super quiet and calm no thousands of people walking by my desk or the phone ringing non-stop I mean it does ring but I’m no longer the one in charge on answering (that alone is a win).

This week we are by ourselves baby is at Grandmas and I feel crazy weird, I mean taking a shower without Celeste saying “Mami, mami mami” by the tub is new and I have all the free time to myself last night I did nothing and it was great J But we miss our baby TONS, we laid down in bed last night and we were looking through Instagram pictures and is crazy how much she’s grown, not only has she grown but she’s this awesome little person so I will soak in the free-time ness but they will never ever be as good as my “mami mami mami” or the kisses she gives me in the mornings or when she’s tired and she puts her little head on my chest or when she hugs T because I’m Celeste’s mom and I love every busy loud second of it.

Also how cute are my nieces and nephews!?

Love it


  1. Those little skinny jeans are so cute!!!

  2. Que hermosas !!!!!!las quiero y las extranio un abrzo grande