Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Change is good right?

You guys the last couple of weeks I have been going back and forward about a big change in my day to day life and well I opted for change...because is good right?
I was given the opportunity to change jobs and I took it, I will be leaving the House of Representatives in two weeks and I will be joining The Florida Police Chiefs Association.
I'm super excited about this but also a little scared is definitely the good kind though. I love my job but the hours with the baby weren't working out with Ts school schedule and daycare so now hopefully my hours won't be as up in the air.
It has been so much fun and I learned so much working in The House but I can't wait to see what the new job has in store.


  1. Super excited for you Jess!


  2. Awesomeness for You, sweeeeet! Congratulations is what I mean!

  3. Sometimes change is the way we grow! Congrats! 😉

    Karen (Rick's sister)

  4. OH yay! I didn't know you were taking it! Congrats! And I love that quote at the end!!