Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Short and Sweet

That's how this week is feeling like 
Short because we are on vacation and sweet because well 
we are on vacation!

32 weeks
Taken by my mom in PCB

Things in TN are pretty sweet the mountains aren't as big as I'm "used to" (gotta love that Argentinian pride) but they are super pretty :)
We been enjoying themes parks, all kinds of food and lots of hanging out by the pool
 I'm already like 3 shades darker haha.

Baby Celeste Update- 
Her full name will be Celeste Ava Hudson
She will have earrings by the time she's eight weeks
 judge all you want its a Hispanic thing and its totally happening
(shes getting her earrings from my Dad)
and shes not even born but she has already received like 3 boxes from Korea from her aunt Keri needless to say this baby is going to be so spoiled is ridiculous.
Also she moves constantly and Braxton Hicks suck, big time.
The only good thing is that they freak T out and that always cracks me up.

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