Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vacation is over...Now what?

Oh yeah Celeste is coming soon :)
Well not soon enough but soon as in I-better-get-my-crap-together-soon

I could go on and on about vacation but I'll just say a few things-

1. Dillard House is amazing, everyone should go there at least once.

2. Dollywood has a super sweet roller coaster (at least it looked super sweet) but not as sweet as my "go-cart".

3. T is one of those people in the crowd who actually repeat stuff back when asked, is pretty adorable.

4. I love the fact that I can go shades darker like it ain't no thing.

5. NEVER take Celeste to an amusement park until shes old enough to know whats going on.

6. Dixie Stampede was ridiculously awesome and it made me like Dolly Parton a little bit more.

7. Don't give T my camera around an animal or I will end up with 100+ pictures of the same stinking animal.

8. Dixie, I know shes a dog but shes a huge part of our life and we love her.

9.  I never want to be this pregnant through summer or vacation again.

10. Family vacation was a blast and I'm already looking forward to the next one, the one where I'll have an almost 2 year old...weird.

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