Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm pregnant and I know it

But thanks to all the random people that still like to pointed out.

Here are someecards that explain how I feel
 about these last weeks of pregnancy...

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I'm 34ish weeks I have puffy cheeks, swollen feet and a baby girl that gets hiccups pretty much every night but having an awesome husband who cook for us and has the patience he has 
is wonderful :)

That doesn't take the fact that I'm big
And when I say big I mean big look-it

I'm have all kinds of backfat curves.

Anyways here are some maternity pictures my mom made me take :)
which I'm grateful she did because I don't plan on taking anymore "cute belly pictures" til my next pregnancy and that's not for another 2-4 years (that's the plan, which means nothing).

Baby Celeste update-
We have 42 days to go til my due date
My baby shower will be this Saturday in PCB
She will have her crib by the end of this  week hopefully :)

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