Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Latin Shower

This past Saturday I finally had my baby shower
and honestly I was not expecting so much fun, love, food or decorations

The shower was put together by mom and my moms friend Elvira
they both did an amazing job at making my shower, well mine :)
Well for starters there was a sound system in the room-because we like to party
there was a lot of food-it isnt a party without good food
and ladies I had my own throne, thats right a throne
can I just say after almost nine months of pregnancy I think I deserve my own throne where ever I go AND a castle-just saying
not only did I have a throne but I also had a carriage made out of diapers with its own little tiny knitted blanket and pillow just for decor how intense is that!? talk about attention to detail

Anyways I'll sum up some of my favorite moments-

Watching my oldest bestest friend trying to get the attention from a room full of Hispanic women -all I could do was laugh and try and not pee myself

Playing musical chairs YEP My mom got even the "minority" aka my sisters-in-law to play
 (Thanks guys I LOVED IT)
Seeing grown women play musical chairs was super entertaining

Feeling loved after realizing that there was more than 40+ people in the room, laughing and talking about baby things

Getting a phone call from my older brother Sergio who promised he'll be here
 for the next baby shower and told me that baby blue
 (thats what celeste means in Spanish-baby blue)
 is so lucky to have me as her mom. He's one of those people that can make cry with a few words add my hormones to that equals bucket size tears

Dancing with my baby brother

Watching my younger sister help out

Hearing my mom talk about her already "Favorite" granddaughter

Having a girl coming up to me and saying "I never wanted to be pregnant until I saw you and how cute you look- seriously I thought to myself 'I want a baby if I can look that cute'"

Sitting in my throne being surrounded by gifts :)

Opening gifts with T and listening to his ooohss and awwss
as we looked at the adorable baby clothes

Feeling proud of  partying til 7 in da PM! (Hey it takes serious skills these days not to fall asleep)

but nothing was as special as realizing Celeste is coming soon...
And she's already SO loved.

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