Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Work shower and a dress

I'm 36 weeks today
but who's counting anymore...

Anyways ignore my cranky self

Last week I had my work baby shower 

How cute is that invite!? DIXIE IS IN IT!
Well the breakfast was amazing there was chicken minis, Snickers/Twix donuts, bagels and fruit it was awesome, I got diapers and presents but the most awesome part is that I got a present ME! a sewing caddy filled with all my cravings and a Hobby Lobby gift card
Oh those Criminal Justice peeps they know how to make my day thats for sure :)
I might have used the card that same day at lunch

Also check out the sweet carriage, Celeste is so fancy her diapers comes in cool shapes

So even though my energy level is like below zero I managed to make a dress, a knit dress from scratch for my friend Tab she's getting married in October and her bridal shower was this past weekend (in Chicago) when I asked her what she wanted for a gift she send me a link and asked me if I could do it- now one thing you need to know about Tab is that she has two Corgis and she loves them so thats how this dress came to be...so here it is!

Yes those are corgi stamps, adorable right? the funny thing is I did it in one night without any measurements just eyeing it and it fit her perfect she wore it for her bridal shower which made me feel super special :)

Celeste Update-

Now that the showers are over all I have to look forward to is D-DAY
29 days from today

thats a little scary, just a bit even though I'm SO ready to have this baby I still have so much to do hospital bag, finish decorating the nursery and cleaning the house before its go-time, the cleaning part might take a while with me working until my due date and having no energy after work is a slow process but my Hispanic self will make it no worries
the only sucky thing right now is that my Iron levels are super low so they are deferring me to an specialist to see what he says, the good thing is that the baby gets all the Iron before I do so shes good
on a brighter note we finally got the crib
and the stroller

so we are pretty much set :)

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