Saturday, October 13, 2012

Celeste's Birth Story

One day Celeste might ask me about the day she was born and since my memory sucks I might as well write it down.

We left the house Thursday the 13th at night around 9.3o for my induction to be at the hospital by 10 and we were ready I mean we had taken a nap earlier that day, Tommy had given me a blessing and my family was staying close to cater to our needs. As we all said our goodbyes I now realize I didn't really know what was in store for me, what exactly was going to happen within a day. I remember asking T if he was nervous on the way there and with all this confidence he grabbed my hand kissed it, smile and said "I'm so ready, I cant wait to see her" and I thought wow how sweet is he?!? and then my sarcastic side made a comment something like pssh of course you are, you are not the one that has to push her out anyways we got to the hospital and waited a good thirty minutes then in the midst of my inside head laughter (thanks to Tina Feys book) I heard "Mrs. Hudson we are ready for you"...

We walked into this room and the nurse handed me the gown and told me that my nurse would be right in I changed into my sexy gown and I think thats where my caring for privacy for my "goodies" started to go out the window because it was like -hello please put this on so your butt is breezy.
Then the nurse came in and busted my vein while putting my IV in needless to say I was sobbing, clawing Ts hand and telling him I wanted to go home already but since he refuse we stayed and I had Celeste instead my hand was swollen like a baseball, so after she did that another nurse came in to do it once the IV and the cervidil (to soften my cervix) was in place we hung out and slept. I woke up around 5ish to some cramps I thought there is noo way these are contractions so I just hung out and read my book but once an hour and a half passed, two hours and they weren't going away I thought well maybe? so I woke up Tommy "hey I think I'm having contractions" I said kinda laughing, he looked at me smirk and said '"babe you would know if you were having contractions" so to shut him up I called the nurse she came in and checked me and said "yep pretty strong too" I looked at T like see?!? Ima soldier, at this point I was only like 2 cm dilated the nurse called my Dr in he got the pitocin started and was like bam-boom in what felt like two seconds my water was broken and I was in full on legit labor, he told me I could get the epidural as soon as I wanted it I told him I wanted to wait until I was in more pain and he said "well better now because you might not be able to get it later" before he could finish that sentence I was like Yeeeah then I want it NOW. By this it was around noon and my family was in the room hanging out, the epidural guy-Dr. came in cleared the room me, T and mom were the only ones left the guy-Dr. was awesome he was quick and comforting at the same time I hunch over grabbed Tommy  and I caught a glimpse of my moms face it was pure fear I guess it was good that I didn't see the needle and it was nice not to feel the contractions anymore. We were told it was going to be a long day that first time moms can be in labor for days, so we got comfortable. Around 5.30ish my MIL, SILs and my family were all hanging out with us-bored to death I'm sure-then Dr. came in to check my progress "You are at 7" he said with a smile followed by " the next 3 cm are probably going to take at least 3 to 4 hours" I remember thinking REALLY?!! I was so tired of sleeping and waiting so we told everyone that it would be a while and they all decided to go do some things before  the "It" would start so ten minutes after the Dr. had come in we were alone...

It was just me and T trying to find something to watch since we were both tired of sleeping (by the way daytime television is no-good), minutes after everyone had left I started feeling pressure like I-have-to-go-to-the bathroom pressure but I figure that was normal and I told Tommy I needed to go to the bathroom like bad, he laughed -grossed out for sure- and said
"Well just go" 
Me- "NO! I dont wanna go I'll just wait"
about ten minutes passed and boy that pressure was getting bad it was super intense which made me pressed my sweet epidural button more than necessary.
Me- "Babe it hurts"
He looked at me and pressed the nurses button "Yes?" the nurse answered, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to" I said trying not to sound normal, he did this about 3 times to what my answer was the same until the last one were I said I was fine borderline crying. I looked down in between tears and realize that my belly, my big ol' belly was gone in panic I looked at Tommy hoping he knew where she went (haha) and said "Dude where is she!?" two seconds later the nurse came in and checked me..."Well it's time to start pushing". I remember looking at Tommy laughing nervously and saying "NOW?!", "yep" she said like it was nothing.
I called my mom and my sister answered the conversation went something like this 
"Nana wheres mom?" I said almost crying.
Nana- "Huh we are at walgreens"
Me- "I'm about to start pushing" by this point full blown tears were happening.
Nana- "Are you serious?! now?!" I could hear my mom in the background asking her what was going on, probably by my sister face expression she figure it out because she started screaming and telling the cashier in her broken english that her daughter was having a baby I hung up and all I could hear was Tommy telling me everything was going to be fine. I remember watching the nurse getting the room ready and thinking seriously could you be more nonchalantly about this!?. In what felt like seconds my mom was in the room, my sister tried to come in the room too and I screamed at her telling her to get out I felt bad but I definitely didn't want to  traumatize her. "Are you ready?" the nurse asked me "We are going to push for a while and when you are closer the Dr. will come in".
I had Tommy on one side and my mom on the other, I started pushing thinking -there is no way anything I'm doing is helping getting the baby out- but I did for about 5ish minutes while I was pushing I remember telling Tommy not to look and then people things got real, the horribly pressure had turned into horrible pain and I did not care anymore "I can't push anymore, I'm not I can't" I sobbed to Tommy "Babe she's almost here, I know you can do it" Tommy said looking at me like he was in pain for me, "No I can't! I don't want to!" this time screaming and crying, it was then when I saw my Dr. come in and I dont remember this but Tommy said my face light up and I told him "Please help me, get her out!". He sat down and said "Ok one last good push" and push I did with my eyes closed I pushed until I heard "Shes here! Babe she's here! I cant believe she's here" then I heard my moms voice saying in spanish that she was beautiful, I looked up and saw Celeste upside down being held by her foot crying, with tears in his eyes Tommy kissed me and told me how much he loved us as she was put on my chest, I looked at her thinking I known you and loved you my whole life. It was the most amazing feeling.

She was then taken to get cleaned off and by this point I was exhausted like I had push a baby out of me or something. So I leaned back knowing that Tommy was right next to her and I realize my mom wasn't next to me, and then the nurse said "I think Grandma is a little overwhelmed" and I could hear my mom throwing up in the bathroom "I feel better now, my nerves are gone", she said as she kissed and told me that she was going to let everyone know we were ok.

A few minutes after everyone came in to meet her and take pictures what I remember most are my sisters big red swollen eyes looking at me asking if I was ok apparently she heard me screaming which made her cry which made my baby brother cry.

Everyone left and we were then taken upstairs with Celeste. Just us three.

And that is what went down the day we became parents...We are parents, crazy huh?

Now 4 weeks later we hang out like it aint no thing and change diapers like its going out of style. 

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