Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Sometimes I look at Dixie and I remember driving to pick her up, she was a little baby tiny puppy she was so small she could fit in the cup holder and now shes a big girl who duck hunts with Tommy and then I look at baby face and think you were in my belly and now you are your own person and THEN I look at them together and it just makes me smile..

can you see dixie?

She was falling asleep, Celeste is not that fun right now

I can't wait to see them play together
They are adorable and thats all there is to it :)
On another adorable note my husband says the most random and cutest things like I told him to go check on Celeste while she was sleeping and he came back and with a big smile on his face said "She is the cutest baby ever, I wish I could carry her around everywhere like kangaroos do so I could hug her whenever I wanted to"or me asking him what did he think her voice would sound like he looked at me with a duh look and said "like heaven because shes a little angel".

Oh the cheesy-ness.

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