Monday, January 28, 2013

Princess Hudson

Last Friday me and Tommy went shopping for a "Princess" costume for a birthday party, I wanted her to be Snow white and T wanted her to be Mulan but since we found neither I told Tommy that it was not big deal and he was not having it "Shes a princess and she needs a princess dress", I laughed and told Tommy there was no costume and that she really didn't look like any of the Disney princesses (because shes little not because of lack of beauty :) ) he looked at me and said "She doesn't need to look like a Disney princess, She's Princess Hudson" I smiled at the cuteness and the cheesyness and ended up letting him choose her dress. I think he did a good job no?

Yeah she sits by herself sometimes, for like half a second

those pictures are cute but my favorite look for her is this


  1. she is so cute! and looks like a doll in that princess dress! i'm so impressed that she can sit for a few seconds and push up with her arms from her stomach! such a big girl!!

  2. Too Cute!!! I feel bad for the one girl walking away crying but at least Princess Hudson was sophisicated and Princess like. She is just too cute and I can't believe how big she is getting!

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  4. Haha Thanks! She tries to keep it classy :)

    Also Kristen dude Prince charming aka Liam and Princess Hudson aka Celeste for Valentines day huh huh? thoughts?