Friday, February 1, 2013

Bah-BYE January

Finally stinking January is over, UGH January you were in our lives way to long.

And Hello February you better be full of chocolates and goodies

Anyways I realize I haven't posted anything sewing related IN MONTHS waaa!?
I'm so lame, not that sewing is a "cool/hip" thing but still!
Since babyface was born I have sewed a few things nothing major, last Saturday I found like 3 yards of fabric that I bought online like a year ago so I got all inspire and started sketching/browsing through pinterest which was not a good idea because man some people are just so crafty that my little sewing skills look like poop next to them but I kept going and found this...

and I looked at it and thought I could make that? could I? then I exploded with confidence thinking
so all excited I went to see what patterns I had and went on to find matching thread and everything to be informed that my first child had pushed my little sewing machine off the table and to its death...great.

So as of right now I'm sewing machine-less.
Maybe Valentines Day will bring me something :)

As of right now I'll keep myself entertained with this face

shes four month and two weeks
I know some people love the NB stage but to me this stage is SO MUCH fun she does all kinds of things and according to T shes even trying to crawl let me explain that a little T as a first time dad is amaze at all the little things she does like the other day she was doing tummy time and started kicking and wiggling her feet and Tommy was like "Babe look shes crawling!"...she wasnt but it was so cute I didnt tell him otherwise so if you see him and he mentions that just nood along :)


  1. her face is the cutest thing ever!! i seriously can't wait until we do our little photoshoot!

    those daddys sure are proud when they catch them "doing" something for the first!

  2. I would agree January was quite long. Sorry to hear about your sewing machine! That really stinks... I hope you get a new one too for a special Valentine's Day gift. =)